Property: birn_annot:curationStatus






{"raw import"^^ "definition incomplete"^^ "graph position temporary"^^ "uncurated"^^ "curation complete"^^ "pending final vetting"^^}


core:definitionThis provides specific info on the level of curation a given class has received and is specifically design to promote automated reporting on the status of classes in an ontology. It is likely some classes will require more than one instance of this property to fully describe their status. Is a type of skos_editorial_note.
core:scopeNoteThe current range of values for this property are: (1) raw_import :== a class derived directly via import of an entity form an existing knowledge resource. Terms labeled as such has yet to receive any additional curation. As they do, their status is likely to change, though the link back to the original entity in the external resource is maintained; (2) definition_incomplete :== the curators recognize the definition of the class remains incomplete in someway. Many definitions are dervied from external sources (a fact tracked via an additional annotation property) and require considerable amending before they fully comply with the OBO Foundry Aristotelean genera/differentia & non-circular specification; (3) graph_position_temporary :== indicates the class may not be in its final preferred location within the ontology graph. This label can be particularly useful during early ontology creation, as for certain entities, it may not be obvious where precisely a given class should reside until a sufficiently large portion of the graph has been settled; (4) uncurated :== indicates a class has been created by curators but has received minimal review; (5) pending_final_vetting :== indicates the term is likely ready for promotion to "curation_complete" status, and only requires a final review by the curators responsible. A class may also be demoted to this status when a formerly "complete" class has been determined to require amendments. In accordance with the emerging best practices, such a term will be moved to an obsolete branch of the ontology, when the new replacement class has been fully vetted and marked as such; (6) curation_complete :== indicates a class has been fully vetted by the curation authorities and to the best of their ability determined to be ready for use.
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