Class: span:Occurrent

Definition: An entity that has temporal parts and that happens, unfolds or develops through time. Sometimes also called perdurants.
Examples: the life of an organism, a surgical operation as processual context for a nosocomical infection, the spatiotemporal context occupied by a process of cellular meiosis, the most interesting part of Van Gogh’s life, the spatiotemporal region occupied by the development of a cancer tumor
Synonyms: perdurant


Super Classes


Equivalent Classes (Necessary and Sufficient Conditions)

span:ProcessualEntity OR span:SpatiotemporalRegion OR span:TemporalRegion

Disjoint Classes



Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

bfo:Entity, span:Occurrent, span:ProcessualEntity, span:SpatiotemporalRegion, span:TemporalRegion
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