Class: span:TemporalRegion

Definition: An occurrent that is part of time.
Examples: the time it takes to run a marathon, the duration of a surgical procedure, the moment of death
Comment: This is the time that is common to both SNAP and SPAN entities. The time of temporal region and its sub-classes will normally be the time that should be referred to when sub-classing universals having to do with time in an ontology.


Super Classes


Equivalent Classes (Necessary and Sufficient Conditions)

span:ConnectedTemporalRegion OR span:ScatteredTemporalRegion

Disjoint Classes

span:ProcessualEntity, span:SpatiotemporalRegion


Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

span:ConnectedTemporalRegion, span:Occurrent, span:ScatteredTemporalRegion, span:TemporalRegion
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