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epifluorescence microscope
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UMLS ID - C0687404
Semantic Type Listed - Medical Device
Semantic Type Additional - Research Device
Definition - Laboratory light microscopes in which light (typically ultraviolet) that has been absorbed by the specimen and reemitted at a longer wavelength is observed (as visible light) through the eyepiece. Appropriate filters are used to select the correct wavelength of incoming beam to excite the fluorescent compound and eliminate the unwanted incident wavelength from the fluorescent light source (i.e., the specimen). Some fluorescence microscopes can also be configured for Brightfield and/or phase-contrast observation. These microscopes are used in histopathology and microbiology, commonly in conjunction with fluorescent dyes. The use of a vertical illuminator and dichroic mirrors (epifluorescence) offers some advantages over fluorescence microscopy using transmitted illumination. (UMD)
Source - UMLS
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