Property: birn_annot:neuroNamesAncillaryTerm







core:definitionThis class was derived from a NeuroNames ancillary term, indicated the NeuroNames developers were unable to fit it into the core NN hierarchy.
core:definition"(NeuroNames) defines the brain in terms of about 550 primary structures to which all other structures, names, and synonyms are related. (It) provides standard English and Latin names for more than 850 unique structures including the primary structures, superstructures and related superficial features and shows hierarchical relations of each structure to its superstructures and substructures. NeuroNames also defines more than 1500 other neuroanatomical entities in terms of structures in the Hierarchy. The structure you name may not be part of the Brain Hierarchy. For example, it may represent a different way of subdividing the brain or it may exist only at the embryonic stage of brain development. Such items are referred to as 'ancillary structures' (
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