Class: Intercellular_Junction

The Cell_Cell_Contact_Zone and the Intercellular_Junction are not the same. The junction only refers to the bridging complex and not the larger region where the junction resides. The intercellular_Junction is part of a larger cell-cell contact zone. The cell-cell contact zone may also contain additional junctions and cellular machinery related to the function of the junction.


Super Classes



birn_annot:curationStatusdefinition incomplete
definitionThe site of cell-cell contact containing a morphologically identified junctional complex joining the two cells.


Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

Astrocyte, Gap_Junction, Macular_Adhaerentia, Septate_Junction, Synaptic_SIte, Zonula_Adhaerens, Zonula_Occludens

Domain of

associated_Cellular_Element, has_Morphological_Type, intercellular_Junction_Compartment
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