Class: snap:ObjectBoundary

Definition: An independent continuant that is a lower dimensional part of a spatial entity, normally a closed two-dimensional surface. Boundaries are those privileged parts of objects that exist at exactly the point where the object is separated off from the rest of the existing entities in the world.
Examples: the surface of the skin, the surface of the earth, the surface of the interior of the stomach, the outer surface of a cell or cell wall
Synonyms: substance boundary
Comment: Boundaries are theoretically difficult entities to account for, however the intuitive notion of a physical boundary as a surface of some sort (whether inside or outside of a thing) will generally serve as a good guide for the use of this universal.


Super Classes


Disjoint Classes

snap:FiatObjectPart, snap:ObjectAggregate, snap:Object, snap:Site


Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

Membrane_Surface, snap:IndependentContinuant
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