Class: snap:Role

Definition: A realizable entity the manifestation of which brings about some result or end that is not essential to a continuant in virtue of the kind of thing that it is but that can be served or participated in by that kind of continuant in some kinds of natural, social or institutional contexts.
Examples: the role of a person as a surgeon, the role of an artificial heart in pumping blood, the role of a chemical compound in an experiment, the role of a drug in the treatment of a disease, the role of a patient relative as defined by a hospital administrative form, the role of a woman as a legal mother in the context of system of laws, the role of a biological grandfather as legal guardian in the context of a system of laws, the role of a tree in maintaining stability in an ecosystem, the role of ingested matter in digestion


Super Classes


Disjoint Classes

snap:Disposition, snap:Function


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