Class: snap:SpatialRegion

Definition: An independent continuant that is neither bearer of qualities nor inheres in any other entities.
Examples: the sum total of all space in the universe, parts of the sum total of all space in the universe
Comment: Spatial regions should not be confused with sites. Spatial regions exist as parts of pure or absolute space, have a dimensionality and a shape but require no filling in order to exist and are also immobile.


Super Classes


Equivalent Classes (Necessary and Sufficient Conditions)

snap:OneDimensionalRegion OR snap:ThreeDimensionalRegion OR snap:TwoDimensionalRegion OR snap:ZeroDimensionalRegion

Disjoint Classes

snap:DependentContinuant, snap:IndependentContinuant


Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

snap:Continuant, snap:OneDimensionalRegion, snap:SpatialRegion, snap:ThreeDimensionalRegion, snap:TwoDimensionalRegion, snap:ZeroDimensionalRegion
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