Class: Nuclear_Lamina


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Disjoint Classes

Barr_Body, Nuclear_Pore, Nuclear_Inclusion, Nucleoplasm, Nuclear_Body, Chromatin, Nuclear_Membrane, Nucleolus, Interchromatin_Granule


definitionMeshwork of extremely fine filaments composed of polypeptides called lamins that run parallel with the inner surface of the nuclear envelope (Peters, Palay and Webster, 1991).
definitionThe fibrous, electron-dense layer lying on the nucleoplasmic side of the inner membrane of a cell nucleus, composed of lamin filaments. The polypeptides of the lamina are thought to be concerned in the dissolution of the nuclear envelope and its re-formation during mitosis. The lamina is composed of lamin A and lamin C filaments cross-linked into an orthogonal lattice, which is attached via lamin B to the inner nuclear membrane through interactions with a lamin B receptor, an IFAP, in the membrane (Gene Ontology).
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