Class: snap:Object

Definition: A independent continuant that is spatially extended, maximally self-connected and self-contained (the parts of a substance are not separated from each other by spatial gaps) and possesses an internal unity. The identity of substantial objects is independent of that of other entities and can be maintained through time and through loss and gain of parts and qualities.
Examples: an organism, a heart, a chair, a lung, an apple
Synonyms: substance


Super Classes


Disjoint Classes

snap:FiatObjectPart, snap:ObjectAggregate, snap:ObjectBoundary, snap:Site


Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

Cell, Cellular_Component, Molecule, snap:IndependentContinuant

Domain of

boundary_Of, has_Boundary, has_Component, has_Molecular_Constituent, inverse_of_has_Component_6, is_Component_Of, located_in
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