Class: span:SpatiotemporalRegion

Definition: An occurrent at or in which processual entities can be located.
Examples: the spatiotemporal region occupied by a human life, the spatiotemporal region occupied by the development of a cancer tumor, the spatiotemporal context occupied by a process of cellular meiosis
Comment: This is the time and space within which occurrents exist. Occurrents exist in space and time in a different way from that in which continuants do and thus the space and time in which they exist is itself different. Spatiotemporal region's importance is primarily theoretical and it will not be used often in most domain ontology applications.


Super Classes


Equivalent Classes (Necessary and Sufficient Conditions)

span:ConnectedSpatiotemporalRegion OR span:ScatteredSpatiotemporalRegion

Disjoint Classes

span:ProcessualEntity, span:TemporalRegion


Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

span:ConnectedSpatiotemporalRegion, span:Occurrent, span:ScatteredSpatiotemporalRegion, span:SpatiotemporalRegion
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