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CCDB Mission

The CCDB project was started in 1998 under the auspices of the Human Brain Project to provide a venue for sharing and mining cellular and subcellular data derived from light and electron microscopy, including correlated imaging. It was one of the first web databases devoted to the then emerging technique of electron tomography. The CCDB has been on-line since 2002. The goals of the CCDB project include:
  • Providing access for the biomedical community to primary and derived imaging 2D, 3D and 4D data from light and electron microscopy
  • Developing advanced database capabilities for storing and mining complex cellular and subcellular imaging data
  • Creating the necessary infrastructure for managing and sharing light and electron microscopic data securely within and between laboratories
  • Developing tools and strategies for integrating data across scales and modalities and federating databases through the use of ontologies and shared spatial frameworks
  • newrelease The CCDB models the entire process of reconstruction, from specimen preparation to segmentation and analysis, as shown in the image sequence to the left. CCDB provides the raw data, reconstruction and segmented data for download and includes 2D images, animations and image maps foron line visualization. To view data in the CCDB, browse our image gallery or search the CCDB directly. The dictionary provides a snapshot of the types of data currently available.
    Through this publicly accessible resource based at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), researchers can query and download rich and unique datasets derived from high resolution light microscopy and electron tomography and explore new algorithms for segmenting and visualizing data. Data are distributed free of charge for non-commercial use under the terms of our user agreement. The CCDB accepts data contributions from the community (see Data) and is developing a set of tools for data management of imaging data for the laboratory.

    Structure of the CCDB

    The basic organization of the CCDB is illustrated in the ... (more)


    Research and development for the CCDB is conducted by an interdisciplinary team.

    Principal Investigators

    Maryann Martone
    Amarnath Gupta
    Mark Ellisman


    Joshua Tran
    Willy Wong

    Data Management & Curation

    Angela Cone
    Maryann Martone

    Gina Sosinsky


    Lisa Fong

    Stephen Larson
    Abel Lin

    Sarah Maynard
    James Obayashi
    Masako Terada
    Andrea Thor


    The CCDB is based at the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR), located on the University of California, San Diego campus