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New CCDB Features

Version 2.11.0 of the CCDB Search and Display pages has been released. New features include:

  1. Project structure display: The CCDB now includes the ability to view the structure of a project by using the "Project View" feature on the search page. Use this feature to see how many experiments were performed under a project, for example, or to see how many subjects were included.
  2. New browsing and display features:
  3. View other datasets under the same project
  4. View other projects by the same project leader
  5. View the most recently released datasets
  1. View metadata as a pdf file
  2. Download data record as a pdf file
  3. Zoomified data: all display images of reconstructions can be viewed at full resolution using Zoomify
  4. Updated help pages
  5. New datasets added