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Shown is a fluorescence microscopy image of a HeLa cell at mitotic metaphase. The cell is stained to reveal DNA (blue), microtubules (red), and the C-terminal portion of the KIF2A protein (green) which is largely confined to the compact chromosomes. The image is part of a large project to characterize the locations of recombinantly tagged kinesin and myosin genes expressed from human or mouse-derived bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) as a resource for cell biology research. See also: Maliga et al. 2013 A genomic toolkit to investigate kinesin and myosin motor funtion in cells. Nature Cell Biol; published online Feb 2013;DCI:10.1038/ncb2689.

Technical Details

HeLa cells carrying the appropriate EGFP-labeled transgene were fixed in cold methanol, rehydrated, and treated with mouse antibody to alpha-tubulin and goat antibody to GFP followed by donkey-anti-mouse Alexa 594, donkey-anti-goat Alexa 488 and Hoechst 33342. Preparations were examined using a Zeiss Axioplan 2 widefield microscope with a 63x NA 1.4 objective lens. Images were recorded using a CCD camera (CS472-95, Hamamatsu). For further details see: Zaliga M et al. 2013 A genomic toolkit to investigate kinesin and myosin motor funtion in cells. Nat. Cell Biol. published online Feb 2013;DCI:10.1038/ncb2689.

Biological Sources
NCBI Organism Classification
Homo sapiens
Cell Type
epithelial cell
Cell Line
Cellular Component
condensed chromosome
mitotic spindle
Biological Context
Biological Process
nuclear division
Zoltan Maliga
Ensembl ID ENSG00000138778
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
Archival Resource Key (ARK)
Grouping This image is part of a group.
Image Type
recorded image
Image Mode
fluorescence microscopy
Parameters Imaged
fluorescence emission
Source of Contrast
differences in adsorption or binding of stain
distribution of epitope
Visualization Methods
Hoechst 33342
Alexa Fluor 594
Data Qualifiers
processed data
suitable for spatial measurements
Sample Preparation
methanol fixed tissue
Relation To Intact Cell
whole mounted tissue
Spatial Axis Image Size Pixel Size
X 300px 0.106µm
Y 300px 0.106µm