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We are now part of the Cell Image Library. Please visit us also at

2D, 3D & 4D Data

The Cell Centered Database (CCDB) is a web accessible database for high resolution 2D, 3D and 4D data from light and electron microscopy, including correlated imaging. Techniques range from wide field mosaics taken with multiphoton microscopy to 3D reconstructions of cellular ultrastructure using electron tomography...(more)

Data Spotlight

image thumbnailThe CCDB has just released a new electron microscopic data set. The goal of this project is to investigate pannexins expression and distribution in the adult mouse brain.

Last updated: 2-12-2015 (more)



The CCDB is designed to allow users to explore and re-use imaging data and associated products, e.g., reconstructions, segmentations. Because of the diversity of data types within the CCDB, we do not enforce a single imaging format but try as far as possible to maintain the data in the original format. (more)



The CCDB has just released a new visualization and analysis tool, the Web Image Browser (WIB) for viewing and annotating high resolution microscopy images over the web. (more)


Knowledge Engineering

The CCDB is participating in several large scale information projects to develop and utilize ontologies and spatial reference systems for data mining and data federation. The CCDB is utilizing ontologies to link data across scales and modalities. Additional details may be found by visiting the NIF and Senselab... (more)


SAO We have
developed the Subcellular Anatomy Ontology (SAO) for the nervous system to provide a formal ontology to describe structures from the dimensional range known as the "mesoscale," encompassing cellular and subcellular structure, supracellular domains, and macromolecules. (more)

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