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Datasets under curation
The datasets under the following projects are being curated and will be released by the date listed in the "Expected date" column.

Project id Publication/PubMed Id Project description Expected date
P1207 Correlative microscopic characterization of dendritic spines in a transgenic mouse model of hyperdopaminergia: The dopamine transporter knockout mouse
Multiscale characterization of DAT KO transgenic mouse
Early January, 2011
P2044 Study of the fine structure of the visual system Released
P2076 Trafficking and Recycling of the Connexin43 Gap Junction Protein during Mitosis. (PMID 20716111) During the cell cycle, gap junction communication, morphology and distribution of connexin43 (Cx43)-containing structures change dramatically. As cells round up in mitosis, the majority of Cx43 labeling is intracellular and intercellular coupling is reduced. We are interested in investigating Cx43 distributions during mitosis in exogenous expressing cells using in vivo time-lapse imaging. Released
P2078 3D reconstruction using serial section scanning electron microscopy of the optic nerve head in mouse. Released

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